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Autologin enables a smooth login method by means of using account credentials in the URL. Simply enable the module and go to login/<username>/<password> and you will be logged in. If Login Destination is installed, Autologin will use its settings. While this module is not recommended for...

User access and authentication, 6.x

Reviews: 53


Content Blocker enables users to block the content they see according to various parameters. Current implementations are for blocking by user and blocking by leech feed. So like on some social networking sites, users can say "I don't want to see any content by User X." Logged in users with appropriate...

Community, Content, Content display, User access and authentication, 5.x

Reviews: 22


CRAM is a Drupal module that implements the Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism as a replacement for the default login process. This allows for users to log into a non-SSL site securely. An algorithm called CRAM-MD5 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CRAM-MD5) is used to ensure that the user's password...

Security, User access and authentication, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 5

Create quota module creates quota rules and holds information about every user's creation count. A possible use case for this module is a site that allows users to register for free and to create a certain amount of content until they are asked to pay for the service. Module is pluggable and allows other...

Content, User access and authentication, 6.x


Custom Registration is a band aide solution to Auto Assign Role. It is by far a more robust module than Custom Registration. If you have PHP experience it is advised that you help out on http://drupal.org/node/879784 With Custom Registration you can create several Custom Registration forms, this is...

User access and authentication, 6.x

Reviews: 7

This module hasn't been developed since Facebook API changes. It's recommended you use FB and/or facebook_auth instead.

Third-party integration, User access and authentication, 5.x

This module helps you find out which users have more than one account on a Drupal system and can block them from creating new accounts. It works by sending a cookie that registers how many accounts that person has. The module will only show results after some time collecting logins. Installation Notes Drupal...

User access and authentication, User management, 5.x, 6.x

This module provides an interface that allows registered users to have an account sitter. A Sitter will be any other registered user allowed to log in to the drupal site (with limitations) as the sitted user. The sitter doesn't need to know the sitted password to log in, so no password needs to be exchanged...

User access and authentication, Utility, 5.x


This module has moved to http://drupal.org/project/ldap We wanted to get the name correct in the beginning. This project url will be removed in the near future.

User access and authentication, 6.x, 7.x

Reviews: 2

This will be part of services module http://drupal.org/node/482276. Until then will make code available from here, when it becomes part of http://drupal.org/project/services, will shut this module down. This module is used with http://drupal.org/project/distributed_search to allow a user to search many...

User access and authentication, 6.x

OpenID Themes login block. OpenID only style login.moviehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdTUWOO2l6w

User access and authentication, 6.x

Together, og_sites_hub and og_sites provide multisite functionality in which a central 'hub' site has a set of associated sites leveraging Organic Groups functionality to selectively share data (nodes and users), such that the hub site has access to all data while associated sites see and edit only their...

Administration, Community, Content, Organic groups (OG), Security, User access and authentication, Utility, 5.x

Allows new users to register using a pre-generated alphanumeric key. This module is based on an original idea by Eduardo Mercovich.

User access and authentication, 5.x

Introduction Recognized user should allow a site administrator to allow certian privileges to users who have logged in within an allowed timeframe. This functionality can be very convienient for users, and powerful for site administrators, however it should be noted that you run the risk of giving permission...

User access and authentication, User management, 5.x


Periodically logs the number of active user sessions. Potentially useful if not using the core statistics module or equivalent. Integrates with Graphstat to provide graphs of site usage.

User access and authentication, Utility, 5.x

Reviews: 1


Enables "Shared Sign-Ons" between related Drupal sites on one server with a shared database. Can be used standalone, but is most tested in conjunction with the domain (aka Domain Access) module. http://drupal.org/project/domain Please note that, for historical reasons, this project's short/internal...

User access and authentication, User management, 4.7.x, 5.x, 6.x

Reviews: 3


Allows the user to add a fifth component on the user registration URL containing a comma-separated list of roles to be automatically assigned to the newly-created user. For example: the path http://example.com/admin/user/user/create/clinic_patient will provide a user registration page which will create...

Administration, Security, User access and authentication, User management, 5.x

Reviews: 2

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